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  • Rayden SINN: You can see the distant horizons today, but have little inclin... More for Sagittarius bit.ly/yibOac

Latest Updates

Camming & Videos vs Photos
1 years ago

I have decided to take a small break from getting on Streamate and from recording any new videos/clips for the time being. I still have a couple Streamate archives to post, and I have more than enough content in the form of photosets. Right now, focusing on getting all the photos up in a more timely manner is the priority. Also, I need to make some small changes to the site and my profile on Streamate, seeing how Sideshow has been working non-stop lately and he is not able to participate as much in what I do.


That being said, I also need to focus on planning a trip out to LA in the coming month, so I am not able to put as much time into being online or shooting new videos, whereas I have at least 50 more photosets worth of content I am able to post.


The plus side to this, however, is that during this "time off" I am able to focus on organizing collaborations between myself and a couple other wonderful Dommes throughout the US for content swap/share, realtime sessions, potential live performances, appearances by myself and Sideshow, as well as all around awesome stuff that will only be possible through lots of planning. 


So, to plan and make all this wonderfully awesome stuff happen, I need to sacrifice my time online and put more time into making plans and arrangements and preparing for my trip across the country.


I hope you guys understand. 


I'm doing my best to juggle everything going on right now, but I will be honest, I fail at mutitasking. I am doing what I feel will be the best for the long run. I promise it will be worth all the wait, and you'll just have to have a little trust in me that I am making the best decision right now. 


I thank you all for your love! You guys are truly amazing.



Black & White Goddess
16 pics
1 years ago
124 pics
1 years ago
Pussy Filled With Cum
Length: 3 min 01 sec
1 years ago
CamCon and More!
1 years ago

I wanted to let you guys know that I have registered for CamCon and am looking for sponsors to make my appearance possible. I would love to meet you guys and would love to network with other models as well for future projects.

If you would like to help get me to CamCon, you can sponsor me by following THIS LINK


Also a huge thanks to the amazing Jim Sims (from Nekkid.net) for sending me an awesome camera so I can shoot some awesome new content. I know I have been super slow lately, but I should be getting back into the swing of things soon. Between having severe anxiety the past couple weeks followed by a sinus and now upper respiratory infection, I haven't really had the motivation to get online. I will hopefully be making a lot more updates in the next week and I will see you guys around.


Lots of love to you all and thanks in advance if you choose to sponsor



42 pics
1 years ago
An Update and Miss Puck Bunny 2016
1 years ago

I've been dealing with some minor setbacks the past week, and I once again apologize for that.

That being said, I will no longer keep apologizing when I need to take a step back and deal with my own personal problems, especially ones that deal with my physical, mental, or emotional well being, or issues centered around my family life. 

I am only human, and I am not going to apologize constantly because I need to take care of me. 

I will be doing my best to make updates as frequently as possible, as well as to stick to the schedule I have had lately, but if I can't I'll let you know and make it up the best I can. We are all adults here and I'm sure you understand that I do have a real life outside of this.


Now...with all that out of the way, I would like to direct your attention to the Miss Puck Bunny 2016 contest that yours truly is participating in. If you would like a chance to win $1000 as well as help me win $1000, then you can register and make your first team pick for free at MissPuckBunny.com

My Twitter username is @RaydenSaintSINN (you will need that to enter, and my team is the LA Kings.

I would really appreciate your help in winning, and who doesn't want a chance at $1000?


Anyhow, that's it for update time right now. I'm going to upload a photoset and make some small changes to the site, and I will be back to see you guys super soon.




I'm So Wet
Length: 33 sec
1 years ago